William Adams moves to the Cloud

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Unshackling one of Australia’s largest CAT dealers

William Adams faced a technology problem common to established businesses with legacy on-premises hardware. While regularly refreshing their technology infrastructure, it was time to consider alternatives for their platform, including the potential adoption of cloud computing to modernise the business.

The technology stack of the business consisted of on-premises hardware, complemented by an outsourced physical data centre, which included a lot of infrastructure for the William Adams technology team to manage and maintain.

In addition, the business was limited in its ability to integrate modern applications with the legacy hardware environment.

One particular issue was the cost of managing on-premises hardware and an outsourced data centre, which also limited flexibility and required the dedicated focus of members of the William Adams technology infrastructure team. The team also needed to better meet user requirements by improving interoperability between legacy systems and modern applications.

Ultimately, William Adams needed their technology infrastructure to provide the ability to move faster and pivot to adapt to changing customer, market and business requirements

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