Advent One has been providing innovative and secure hybrid-multi cloud solutions for our customers for over twenty years.

With customers across

  • Healthcare,
  • Higher Education,
  • Retail,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Telecommunications,
  • Financial Services and

Government sectors, we can address complex business and technology challenges across all industries, using world-leading technologies.

Customer testimonials

Benjamin Law – ME Bank Senior Manager, Financial Crime →

“Simon is the best vendor partner I’ve  ever experienced in my 12 years in financial crime. He is always helpful and provides great context with any issues or tasks we are looking to undertake.

I would love to work with someone like Simon for the rest of my career if I could. The support provided to us organisation-wide has been nothing short of outstanding.”

Dean Stosic – William Adams IS Infrastructure & Operations Managers →

“We were very happy with how this transformation project was planned, managed and executed by Advent One. This is another example of a well-managed project by the Advent One team – they haven’t ever let us down.”

Dennis Moncrieff – Tomago Aluminium IT Superintendent →

“Working with Advent One has been like an extension of the team – with specialised, deep knowledge and resources available right when we need them!”

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