Who Else Is Using Your Active Directory?

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Instant Advanced Security Assessment

The Australian Cyber Security Centre in their 2019-2020 published report -  identified the use of the reconnaissance tool Sharp/BloodHound, to enumerate Active Directory users, objects and trust information within compromised Windows environments.


Adversaries are targeting companies Active Directory as one of the first stages in their attack. Whether through manual or advanced ransomware malware code.

Using the market-leading automated Active Directory security platform Alsid, Advent One can run quick and comprehensive assessments against your Active Directory by leveraging real-time graph theory analysis and the Mitre framework against known miss configurations and gaps in your Active Directory.

Low Effort, HIGH Value

As a valued Telstra customer for $3,995 AUD (ex GST) you can benefit from a targeted Active Directory security assessment focused on: Privileged Accounts, Legacy Credentials, Dangerous Configurations (*).

Covering your main domain, leveraging a SaaS managed Alsid platform and conducted within a single working day.



















*Please refer to T&C and SOW document

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