At Advent One, we have a strong focus on business continuity 
and efficiency that relies on the technological 
foundations of your business.

Real-time visibility and control of devices that perform to their full potential, backup and DR, security and efficiency are at our core and we strive to ensure that your house is in order so that it can perform optimally



Backup and Disaster Recovery

Get instant VM, file, application and cloud recovery from our range of backup solutions. Managed by us or self-service, the choice is yours, but either way we have complete management tools available that are comprehensive and easy to use providing real-time visibility and control over all devices thereby reducing cost, increasing productivity and improving compliance. We have options that suit all businesses and budgets.



End Point and Mobile Device Management

Improve security and lower operating cost with our range of device management options. With real-time visibility and control over all devices you can expect to see increased productivity and improved compliance from an environment that enables dynamic, interconnected business processes.



High Speed File Transfer

Move data at maximum speed regardless of file size, transfer distance or network conditions. Available on any device and between any location, with guaranteed zero packet-loss and absolute security, this scalable solution is suited to any company or organisation that transfers large files. Cloud-ready and accessible via Wi-Fi and cellular networks, you can expect to see speeds up to 100X faster than traditional transfer technologies.


license compliance

IBM Software Licensing

We’re able to support your licensing needs across IBM Software Solutions covering 
IBM Collaboration Solutions, Websphere, Rational, IBM Commerce Solutions & IBM Security Solutions.


license compliance

Microsoft & VMware Software Licensing

We’re able to support your licensing needs across the range of Microsoft and 
VMware software, supporting options for on-premise and cloud licensing models.



Software License Compliance

Understand your software license position and maintain continuous software compliance with help from us at Advent One. To remain compliant, you need a thorough and automated approach to understanding software usage within your enterprise. Let us help you avoid getting caught out and suffering excessive software compliance settlements.

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