Simplifying Modern Data Management Challenges

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Advent One and NetApp deliver a Data Fabric to streamline your Cloud operations.

Hybrid cloud deployment models have become the preeminent choice for organisations looking to tap into the ocean of resources in terms of network, compute, and storage. The hybrid cloud infrastructure, a combination of both public and private cloud, offers more flexibility to organisations in terms of data mobility and adjusting the business to make the most of innovative technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things).

But, while this deployment model has been catering to the needs of applications, it poses a unique challenge when it comes to managing very large amounts of data. The use of multiple clouds has in many cases resulted in disorganised storage of data across platforms. Hence, considering the importance of data in defining the success of various business operations, a new comprehensive data management model has become the need of many. Some of the challenges that have surfaced are listed below:

  1. Data mobility – The data saved on one Cloud becomes impossible to move to a different cloud.

  2. Data management consistency – Every cloud has its own set of APIs and tools involved in the management of data on that Cloud. Therefore, it becomes imperative for the organisations to equip their IT staff with adequate knowledge of prominent platforms, if they want to manage their data across multiple platforms in a cohesive manner.

  3. Difficult transformations – The fast-paced IT industry is used to undergoing new technological advancements frequently. Organisations are often keen on leveraging new and improved technologies for better results. However, the hybrid cloud deployment model can be very challenging when integrating these new technologies into existing environments.

  4. Control – Uninterrupted access to data without sacrificing its security is by far the most important factor contributing to the successful outcome of most business operations. Many existing systems lack this transparency and there is little central control over data that is stored across multiple platforms.

Modern problems can be solved with a modern solution and Advent One’s Hybrid Cloud Services are one such solution.

Advent One utilises NetApp’s Data Fabric.

NetApp’s Data Fabric targets each of the modern-day data management challenges above and aims to provide a holistic approach for better management as well as provide more control over the data itself.

At its core, Data Fabric is a software-defined approach to manage dissimilar data stored across multiple platforms. It is a set of services used in accelerating digital transformation through simplified data management across cloud and on-premise storage solutions. The incorporation of NetApp’s Data Fabric allows your organisation to harness the power of data management to achieve better data visibility, data insights, data access, control, and protection along with optimum data security. Fundamentally, it allows you to meet the increasing demands of the business on good data management and gives the business a competitive edge.

Data security and safety with Data Fabric

Users concerned about the security of their data are in for a treat. NetApp deploys Cloud ONTAP in multiple AWS regions, facilitating secured access to data for all users. Various Cloud ONTAP endpoints possess replicated data from the central storage, which is provided by SnapMirror. As soon as the requirement is fulfilled, the ONTAP instance is torn down. The data becomes inaccessible after the cloud resources are torn down. ONTAP encryption capabilities act as a further enhancement to the data security on the Cloud.

When it comes to the safety of data, backup and restore operations are a must. Advent One makes this the absolute priority when managing our customer’s data environments. Using NetApp’s Data Fabric, Advent One can achieve unparalleled backup and restore capabilities. StorageWise offers more than 9TB per hour ingest rate and ask about other options such as SnapVault and SolidFire.

Advent One’s Hybrid Cloud Services are your solution for unprecedented management of disparate data. With almost twenty years of experience, our award-winning infrastructure solutions have been our pride and joy. Contact us today to experience the Advent One difference.