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Understanding where to begin is often the hardest part. When customers come to us, looking to improve their security posture, our proceeding conversations don’t start with technology. There are hundreds of solutions out there and while of course, technology is important, it is not the place to start.  

It doesn’t matter if you are a small organisation with no IT team, a medium-size organisation with an IT team but no Cybersecurity skills, or an enterprise with IT & Cybersecurity teams, you need a road map and a set of prioritised Security Controls that you can follow and measure your progress against. At Advent One, we start conversations with the CIS Control Framework.  

By adopting a known and proven framework in the CIS controls, we can perform a comprehensive review of your environment in a way that is easy to understand and implement. This allows for the best commencement in your cyber security journey to increase visibility and reduce threats. 

When we are helping our customers at the beginning of their security journeys, we always start by implementing the following solutions: 

  • Patching 
  • Penetration Testing 
  • Perimeter Protection – Firewalls 
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Email protection
  • Vulnerability scanning 

At Advent One, we understand that commencing a cyber security can be intimidating. Our cyber team have decades of experience and through our Managed Security Services, we can implement a successful packaged solution to get you started.  

Get started on your cyber security journey with Advent One, contact our team of experts today.