Enterprises need scale and flexibility from their data platforms to meet current and future data processing needs. Organisations are turning to technologies like SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA to help them meet growing business demands, remain competitive in their industry, and prepare for the future’s expectations.

However, powering a data-intensive real-time workload on SAP HANA requires a solid foundation that can deliver stability, performance, security, and availability at scale. Advent One partner with industry leading technology providers, like Red Hat, to optimise your environment and operations while helping you adopt digital technologies to advance your business.

Understand how Advent One can leverage automation to ease your HANA migration!
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Red Hat technologies bring together business applications and IT infrastructure, with built-in transparency and flexibility, giving customer the tools to modernise their business models. 

Advent One have a proven track record working with clients and partners to rapidly get these solutions into production with baked in high availability, security, data protection, monitoring, metrics and automated IT operations.

Reduce IT infrastructure

Generate insights for real-time business

Equip your organisations to embrace innovation

automate and protect your SAP environmENT

Advent One, using a combination of Red Hat and Advent One created roles, harness Red Hat’s Ansible Tower platform can essentially, automate your entire SAP environment. Ansible automates infrastructure development, OS hardening, SAP notes and the deployment of the application itself. Through automation, you can reduce your companies downtime, freeing up resources so your staff can focus on other tasks.

Advent One help organisations improve operational maturity by modernising their IT operations processes and being enabled to make the most out of emerging technologies. By utilising Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Insights, SAP customers can proactively identify and remediate threats to security, performance, availability, and stability to avoid issues, outages, and to ensure your SAP environment is operating optimally. 


Are you running SAP but looking to move to HANA?

Advent One have extensive experience in moving SAP workloads to HANA and understand the concerns that organisations have. Our team can integrate SAP HANA with your organisations legacy systems, get the most value from technology investments, advanced security, adequate capacity, performance and scalability.

Further we ensure we move critical applications and workloads with less risk and downtime. Through our expertise and partnership with RedHat, we will ensure the foundations on which your mission critical databases run on are secure and offer improved performance, flexibility, density and scalability.

Are you running HANA but need to upgrade to S/4 HANA by 2027?

To continue receiving SAP support organisations must migrate their underlying databases to SAP HANA® and their existing SAP applications to SAP S/4HANA® by 2027. Red Hat’s automation platform, Ansible can ensure the ease of the migration through increasing your security posture, improve operational maturity and operational excellence.

Migrating to SAP HANA also presents an opportunity to realign your SAP environment with your overall digital transformation strategy. By modernising your SAP environment, you can gain faster data access for users and applications, more accurate insight via machine learning models, and increased agility to better support digital business demands.

Advent One are excited to offer a complimentary 30 minute one-on-one demonstration, relevant to your organisation, to showcase how our expertise and Red Hat technology can ease your HANA migration. Register your details below.


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For a limited time, Advent One are offering a complimentary 30 minute demonstration, to highlight how Red Hat technology can simplify your HANA migration and modernise your SAP implementation.