Reclaim control of siloed IT systems with Hybrid Cloud automation

As business goals mature, so do their IT requirements. IT Infrastructure environments tend to be far more complex now than they were pre-pandemic, and the driving force behind that fact is that businesses now need to do everything remotely across multiple cloud and on-premises environments.

The principal challenge, however, is that IT systems have become siloed. Disconnected and isolated teams make it difficult to manage technology infrastructure as a whole. Compatibility, security vulnerabilities and compliance issues arise from individual teams managing individual systems.

The solution? Hybrid Cloud automation.

Hybrid Cloud automation combines the capabilities of on-premises, privately hosted and public cloud while reducing manual handling and manual maintenance requirements. Leading businesses are taking advantage of the ability to automate their systems on-premises and in private clouds, while also making use of the abundant resources available on the public cloud through simple, intuitive and applicable automation.

An agile, scalable and centralised IT infrastructure

IT teams are highly skilled at creating and building new technologies, but unstructured IT systems leave little time for innovation.

By centralising your system and providing a complete overview of its state, you are in the best position to predict and react to change. Hybrid Cloud automation helps businesses achieve greater visibility, agility and scalability thus allowing them to better respond to changing demands and scale their IT infrastructure as needed.

Enhanced security and compliance

With different standards for different systems, managing compliance across the entire ecosystem is exhausting. From a security perspective, it creates more opportunities for user error, as alert fatigue and system misconfigurations make accidental breaches more likely to occur.

Non-automated Hybrid Cloud systems also give hackers and social engineers more opportunities to find a weakness. Your entire infrastructure is only as strong as its least secure component, so automation is key for maintaining consistent security across the whole system.

By using a single orchestrated system through Hybrid Cloud  to manage both on-premises and cloud-based systems, IT leaders can automate most security and compliance tasks. This can be built by partnering with an expert provider with deep technical experience in infrastructure, automation and cybersecurity such as Advent One.


A trusted partner: Advent One

Businesses looking to scale must be able to adapt to the ever-changing digital demands of consumers, employees and stakeholders. Hybrid Cloud environments are the key to managing that ever-changing digital demand in a flexible and cost-effective way.

Partnering with a trusted service provider, like Advent One, gives IT teams the chance to prioritise what they do best through Hybrid Cloud optimisation and orchestration. With an automation-first mindset, Advent One has the expertise to help build your business from where it’s at, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to Hybrid Cloud.

To find out more about how Advent One can help optimise your infrastructure for Hybrid Cloud, book a meeting with an industry expert.