Platform ONE

Access the Best Tools and Resources You Need Wherever, Whenever

We live in a time where, as technology leaders, our organisations are asking us to provide more, with shorter lead times, less complexity and less capital expenditure. On top of this, our development teams are distributed across multiple locations. We know it is no simple task; to provide the agility and resources our teams need to keep up but also to keep them aligned as a team. We don’t want to deal with underlying platforms and infrastructure. We need to focus on developing the unique capabilities to support what our business offers; those things that keep our customers coming back.


The key to finding a rhythm that keeps us agile and engaged in our priorities is the ability to access the tools and resources we need, wherever, whenever.


Adoption of technology is hard, security is harder, quality is hardest.


PlatformONE is a packaged offering with the simple goal of accelerating your cloud journey by packaging tried and tested components integrated by Advent One. Whilst Advent One’s managed services capabilities are consumed from a catalogue of services, we’ve found that evaluating, integrating and packaging up best of breed components as a single solution will reduce complexity and ensure quality when consuming modern IT services.


As our industry has changed so too has the sophistication of available technology. For almost twenty years Advent One have been at the core of modernising their customer’s technology environments.PlatformONE is the latest managed solution from Advent One, designed to help customers tackle common challenges in the rapidly digitising economy. By partnering with carefully selected vendors in Infrastructure, Cloud & Containerised Platforms, Data Management, Cyber Security and Governance Risk & Compliance, Advent One have developed an offering that allows customers to focus on applications while we manage the underlying platform and cloud infrastructure.


Laying the foundation

The foundation of PlatformONE is targeted capabilities enabling a variety of use cases across industry verticals. Advent One have integrated best of breed technologies to provide a quality service, where complexity of the underlying technology is made invisible to our clients. Automation and API integration are core to enabling the platform to be integrated into our client's cloud ecosystem.


In addition to functional capability, the service focuses on delivering real commercial benefit to businesses. By examining a managed hybrid or multi-cloud environment the platform works to identify idle, unused, and mismatched resources, offers recommendations or automated resource sizing and reserved instance management. It also delivers cloud optimisation capabilities covering cost & bill monitoring, brokerage, role-based cost controls, as well as the ability to generate custom alerting and reports


The Open Source Opportunity


As our digital economy flourishes, organisations are constantly reinventing products, services and processes right across the enterprise. At the core of this transformation is software. As the pace of software development quickens, the open source model has come to the fore. Its benefits enable peer-to-peer collaboration across an abundance of sources which offer a richer set of perspectives that companies could not find within their own organisations. In recent times the open source model has opened the door to community-based development, creating new platforms and cloud-native stacks to rapidly build and deploy cloud services.

While the benefits from a technical standpoint of Open Source software adoption are great (latest technologies, no lock-in) there are perceived risks comparative to proprietary software with such an approach:


  • What do you mean we are paying for free software?

  • What about security?

  • Support Options, community or 3rd Party?



The good news is that the commercial models around software creation and delivery are changing towards an open source model.


Google, Microsoft, Red Hat, IBM, Amazon, Intel are some of the largest contributors to open source software, no longer the perception of a teenager sitting in their bedroom cutting code.


The rise of open source projects such as Linux, Kubernetes, TensorFlow, Ansible to name a few are widely contributed to by tech giants and packaged up as supported distributions.


Key open source capabilities that power today’s leading-edge technologies include but are not limited to:


  • Operating System

  • Hypervisor

  • Software Defined Networking

  • Automation and Orchestration

  • IaaS and PaaS tooling

  • Container Platforms

  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Data and Analytics platforms


The Red Hat subscription model is a great example. It’s the amount of times you don’t have to call Red Hat that makes a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription valuable.


Relying on enterprise class, hardened solutions, support arrangements coupled with Open source innovations hardened from the upstream provides the best of both worlds, where growth in Open Source technologies appears to be skyrocketing into the future, not slowing down.

Container Platform


The open source community can lay claim to many recent cloud innovations including containerised platforms. Requiring less overhead than traditional hardware or virtual machine environments, containers are highly portable and easily deployed, being used to run anything from a small microservice to processing a large application. Containers are a streamlined way to build, test, deploy and redeploy applications.


Advent One has recognised the growing adoption and benefits of container platforms to their customers by making it a core component of thePlatformONE offering. Working with products like Red Hat OpenShift, Kubernetes and NetApp Trident,PlatformONE provides packaged Kubernetes with container native storage, automated container orchestration, deployment on any platform and scalability in any direction as well as application lifecycle management.

Application Performance Management


Overarching thePlatformONE offering is Application Performance Management (APM) software that automates the availability and performance of software applications under its watch.PlatformONE employs technology to detect and diagnose complex problems to maintain predetermined service levels under management.PlatformONE’s APM is an all-in-one platform powered by AI that is native-cloud making it highly scalable, available and secure. 


No more digging through code, log files and server metrics. Dynatrace AI analyses billions of dependencies to give you simple answers – what is the problem, what is the business impact, and what is the root cause.

Data Management 


At the core of PlatformONE, as with all modern solutions in a digital world, is the management of data. The creation and consumption of data is constant, so it is critical as a foundation that data is appropriately controlled.


As organisations leverage a plethora of applications and techniques to access, mine and derive value from their data, Advent One mitigates the risk of chaos. A Data Fabric handles data in a predictable, safe and useful way. Data Fabric provides an approach that is unique, delivering a consistent way to manage, store, transport, and protect data no matter where it lives.


A Data Fabric helps organisations:


  • Enable a predictable data management experience in and between clouds

  • Move and place your data where it best serves your businesses needs

  • Optimize your data through a range of storage efficiency solutions

  • Protect your data with built-in, best-of-breed tools and third-party integrations

  • Secure your data with at-rest encryption, cryptographic file shredding, digitally-signed upgrade packages, and more



Advent One have significantly invested in their cybersecurity practice and capability. As such it is one of the most critical components of the Platform ONE offering. Security architecture and controls are deployed from day one, with ongoing risk assessments and continuous automated vulnerability scanning. At its core, the security component of Platform ONE is a “cyber analyst as a service,” offering threat intelligence, breach detection & simulation and honeypot intercept threats in real time. It is a NIST based service which is supported by a 24x7 SOC. 

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