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IT Cloud Infrastructure & Data Storage Solutions

Advent One prides itself on making our customers’ problems our own. We are recognised for solving complex issues and building the technology platforms that support our customer’s growth in an effective and secure way.


Advent One works with NetApp to deliver some of those platforms, incorporating the latest in enterprise technology solutions, data management and Cloud. NetApp is the leader in data insight, access, and control for hybrid cloud environments and work with Advent One to provide our customers with the ability to manage and share their data in the most appropriate structure for their businesses, whether on-premise, or in private and public Clouds.

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NetApp Products

Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Advent One provides the NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP, an in-depth unified Cloud storage solution that provides you with strong and secure data storage while still being cost-effective and easy to manage. Cloud Volumes ONTAP is all of your Cloud needs streamlined into one place, making your IT infrastructure faster, more efficient, more reliable, and more secure, giving your business a competitive edge.


NetApp HCI

The core of the NetApp hardware we provide is NetApp HCI, a powerful Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) that gives you a place to streamline all of your multi-Cloud operations to fully optimise your IT infrastructure. NetApp HCI is a fully scalable solution to all IT Cloud infrastructure needs, increasing the efficiency of any data storage environment tenfold and reducing the stress on your entire business network.

NetApp All Flash FAS

With Advent One, only the best data storage systems on the market will do. The NetApp All Flash FAS is the best in effective and intelligent data storage arrays, providing all the efficient storage you need for critical workloads, while also housing all the powerful NetApp software you would need, such as unobtrusive updates and effective data analytics.

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NetApp FAS Storage Systems

NetApp provides high end data storage systems for modern data solutions. The NetApp FAS storage system, brought to you by Advent One, are the best flash array data storage devices for consolidating workloads and streamlining your data management for the most efficient data strategy possible. All of this in a scale out system that effectively provisions your workloads to build capacity for the future, providing a smart storage solution in your own private network.

Azure NetApp Files

Moving to the Cloud can be a big and risky step, especially for any business running multiple large and critical workloads at any time. The risk of sacrificing reliable and manageable space for the Cloud is real, but not with Azure NetApp Files. NetApp in conjunction with Microsoft have designed a data management services that aims to accurately and seamlessly manage your data when it is moved into the Cloud - it is SAP migration made simple, easy, and quick.