Managed Services


The right architecture combined with capable people and robust processes makes for a reliable business outcome from your infrastructure investments. Our investments in developing deep technical capability have been awarded twice with IBM’s Global Beacon Award for Technical Vitality

We’ve developed a wide range of managed service capabilities, where Advent One becomes an extension of your IT team, reinforcing key areas within your organisation and freeing up your IT department to focus on strategic projects that enable business innovation and growth.



Managed Server

Let us manage your server while you manage your business. With 24/7 monitoring and support from our technical team based here in Australia, you can feel confident that your servers are available, securely patched and performing at optimal capacity. Don’t waste resources on the monitoring and management of server uptime, disk usage, memory usage and processor usage when we can do it for you. With expertise in Unix, AIX, Linux, IBM-i, VMware and Microsoft, we’re able to provide broad support across your environment.



Managed Cyber Security Services

Solving for your company the local skill shortage with advanced, inovative and automated based cyber security solutions. Augmenting your Risk and Security officers with experienced team focused on protecting your critical digital and industrial assets according to a risk priorities based strategy.



Managed Storage

Offload your data storage management requirements to us thereby reducing your need for a dedicated storage administrator. Reduce staff management and skill development costs by leveraging our experienced team.



Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery

With a rich history providing enterprise backup and recovery solutions to major enterprises, our team are ideally placed to govern the protection of your valuable data and provide the business continuity you need. We will monitor your environment 24/7 to ensure your critical data is protected and able to be recovered when you need it.

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