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We all get busy and sometimes and during these times, things slip through the cracks. All organisations can agree that security, compliance, and performance are top priorities.  However, it can be difficult to manage, complete checks and implement controls when your staff are busy or focused on other tasks.

Outsourcing your IT management to a Managed Service Provider is one way to ensure your environment is more robust against cyber-attacks, meets compliance objectives, is up-to-date and is performing at a level that meets the needs of your business and customers.

Our Managed Service platform, PlatformONE, gives you full transparency into how efficient your IT is and provides insights that you can leverage for future growth planning and innovation.

We use extensive automation to ensure your infrastructure is patched and that your security posture is optimised for your environment (eg. application of CIS Controls) and reduces overall risk. In addition, we optimise your cloud infrastructure, so your public cloud costs are kept under control and are sized appropriately for the workloads operating on them.

The Advent One Managed Service team works as an extension of your IT team and gives you the opportunity to focus on growing your business while remaining confident that your environment is secure, reliable and performing as expected.

Mitigate risk and free up resources. Learn more about PlatformONE today.