Managed Services

The right architecture combined with capable people and robust processes makes for a reliable business outcome when assessing a managed service offering. Our investment in developing deep technical capability have resulted in Advent One being a highly awarded multi-vendor business since 2000.


We’ve developed a wide range of managed service capabilities, where Advent One becomes an extension of your IT team.

Experience is key. Every one of our projects incorporates planning, architecture, implementation and post-implementation support. With our offerings, you benefit from a mix of tried and emerging enterprise technology models such as managed Kubernetes, Virtualisation, Software Defined Storage and Networking, Hybrid Cloud, and Automation.


​Making the complex simple and making technology work is our speciality at Advent One. It is all about our clients – not the sale – and we’ll work partner with you to formulate and deliver on a technology roadmap.


For a long time, typical managed services have been offered to organisations where the provider says, “let us do the work so your staff can focus on higher value tasks.” Under this model, what tends to happen is the customer ends up having to spend time and resources managing the provider anyway.  The Advent One Managed Service aims to evolve from the traditional model. Advent One not only provides key capabilities to manage the platform but we build in as much automation as we can to provide a more consistent and predictable offering. This of course is backed by a 24x7 support arrangement and regular assessment to enhance and fine tune the service.  Our managed service team’s objective is to deliver value rather than simply keep the lights on and watch the meter run.  


The main differentiators between Advent One managed services and others include:

  • A commitment to deliver highly skilled onshore resources

  • Flexibility to perform stepped transitions at the convenience of the client

  • Adaptable process and solutions to suit SMB and Enterprise clients

  • Management and monitoring of components that make up your IT ecosystem; on your site, in our DC or public cloud

  • Transparency and visibility into the environment being managed, ensuring that reports are delivered with insight into what’s being reported

  • More than outsourcing, a focus on service excellence, automation, capability derived from emerging technology and ultimately business value

  • Keeping our clients in control. Supporting our clients by exposing them to dashboards, key metrics, automation and orchestration tools.

At Advent One we help build and manage highly available and reliable IT infrastructure that meets your dynamic business needs. Our IT Infrastructure capability leverage years of technical experience and the unrivalled reputation of our highly awarded company.


Our offerings around managed datacentre is designed around being flexible and fit for purpose. Advent One can provide data centre solutions in Advent One’s datacentres, our client’s datacentres or a combination thereof completely managed and supported from our technical support team based in Australia. You can feel confident that your environment is available, securely patched and performing at optimal capacity. Augment your team by partnering with Advent One’s experienced team to ensure business value is being derived from the organisation’s IT environment.


Our managed datacentre services consist of Advent One automating and supporting the following using our purpose-built management and monitoring platform:


  • OS (Linux, Windows, AIX, IBM i)

  • Hypervisor (VMware, KVM, PowerVM)

  • Enterprise storage (SAN, NAS, Object)

  • Enterprise Backup & Archive

Managed Public Cloud

In addition to Assessment, Planning, Architecture and Migration services Advent One provide a run, enhance and optimise service as a managed service.


Organisations move applications to public cloud with the objective of being able to focus on what matters, by leveraging cloud environments to innovate and reduce cost. Advent One’s managed cloud service is not simply a matter of managing virtual machines in cloud as if they were running on-prem. Architecting and running applications using cloud native services is where the true value of cloud is realised, not by lifting and shifting applications to the cloud. Advent One’s managed service is geared towards helping clients. We start with a well architected cloud foundation and build/migrate from there keeping security, governance, cost and ultimately performance under control. We do this while maximising the value of what API integrated cloud services enable for an organisation.


Managing an environment in public cloud involves continuous improvement, ongoing architectural review and ensuring new features are considered and adopted. In Advent One, you have a partner who will help you with adoption strategies that move you forward and not leave you behind.

Managed Datacentre

Managed Platform

Advent One have a packaged platform managed service with pre-integrated capabilities to provide a turn-key PaaS solution. The offering is branded as PlatformONE and is targeted at lowering the barrier of entry to an enterprise grade PaaS platform. PlatformONE is an offering that runs on any environment and accelerates our client’s transformation journey, adopting emerging technologies in a reliable and secure way.


Our carefully chosen ecosystem is what enables us to provide a pre-integrated and supported solution providing:


  • Automated, secure, compliant and well architected cloud blueprint / hybrid environment

  • Managed OpenShift Kubernetes Container Platform

  • Application Performance Management

  • Cyber Security (SIEM, SOC, Continuous Pen Testing)

  • Cloud Native Hybrid Cloud Data services

Advent One work towards solving a gap in the market for advanced, innovative and automated based cyber security solutions. Augmenting your Risk and Security officers with experienced and team focused on protecting your critical digital and industrial assets according to a risk priorities-based strategy.


Managing and mitigating an organisation’s risk profile is a key deliverable that we take seriously as a part of our managed services offerings. In addition to data backup and business continuity, raising the security posture of the organisation is baked into every offering and not considered as an afterthought.


Our default position is that you ‘opt-in’ for security and compliance. Some key technologies and strategies that should be considered as part of a layered defence are highlighted below:



  • Micro-Segmentation

  • Security Automation and Orchestration

  • Breach and Attack Simulation

Managed Security Operations

Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery


With a rich history providing enterprise backup and recovery solutions to major enterprises, our team are ideally placed to govern the protection of your valuable data. We will monitor your environment 24/7 to ensure your critical data is protected and able to be recovered when you need it. As organisations technology landscapes evolve from the edge, to the core, to the cloud and back again Advent One are the trusted partner to ensure that your data is protected.

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