Modern Datacentre

At Advent One we help build and manage highly available and reliable IT infrastructure that meets your dynamic business needs. Our IT Infrastructure compute leverage years of technical experience and the unrivalled reputation of our highly awarded company.

Experience is key. Every one of our infrastructure projects incorporates planning, architecture, implementation and post-implementation support. With our offerings, you benefit from a mix of tried and emerging enterprise technology models such as Virtualisation, Flash Storage, Infrastructure as Code, Cloud, and Automation.

Making the complex simple and making technology work is our speciality at Advent One. It is all about our clients – not the sale – and when we can, we repurpose our clients’ technology to extend its life providing cost-effective alternatives.

Give us a call today to discuss how we can engineer a solution for you to improve performance while reducing cost and complexity.


The outcomes a business leverages through technology is only as good as the environment it runs on. Technology is the foundation of a business’s ability to react to market demands and stay competitive. At Advent One, we have a range of infrastructure solutions to suit individual company requirements and priorities across all industries.


​Availability, reliability, fault tolerance and performance are all considerations that we can confidently advise you on depending on your priorities.

IBM Power (AIX, Linux & IBM i)
IBM Power Systems have long been the system of choice for mission critical enterprise applications. Designed for big data and high availability, you will feel confident that your environment and applications are secure and can adapt to changing business demand quickly and effortlessly.
Advent One is one of the only partners recognised by IBM with the Power Systems Specialty Elite certification. With 15 local technical specialists on hand, our clients’ successes make us confident that we can deliver a winning solution for you. Our IBM Power Cloud hosted across our two secure and cloud-connected datacentres enable you to consume Power Systems compute capacity to run AIX, IBM i and Linux coupled with our advanced high availability solutions for mission critical workloads.
Infrastructure as Code
As you grow into modern architectures, sprawl occurs very quickly. One of the best ways to manage this complexity is to treat your infrastructure as code. We can help you abstract and automate the deployment of your systems in an IaC framework. If your architecture is versioned, it can have changes tracked, easily re-deployed or changes rolled back in the event of issues. Additionally, costing predictions can be made, and informed hosting platform decisions can be made. We couple this with centralised configuration management, enabling fast, accurate and reliable deployment of your critical workloads.
x86 Compute
Advent One have a track record of providing infrastructure solutions built on x86 servers for a variety of workloads and use cases. From infrastructure design, virtualisation, high availability and large-scale consolidation we have the expertise to help.
​Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Growing in popularity, hyperconvergence is a type of infrastructure system with a software-centric architecture. It tightly integrates compute, storage, networking and virtualisation resources and other technologies with the goal of simplifying an organisations infrastructure footprint. Hyperconverged infrastructure is becoming more advanced providing in-built automation, APIs and integration with tools used to manage public cloud. This makes hyperconverged infrastructure the bases for many private cloud deployments. Advent One have the expertise to asses, design, implement and migrate workloads to hyperconverged environments.

Artificial Intelligence Platforms

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform the world in dramatic ways in the coming years, with AI powering advances in perception, reasoning and understanding to help AI address complex human-like tasks.

Investing in purpose-built platforms can make deep learning, machine learning, and AI more performant. These specialised platforms leverage multiple GPUs with high bandwidth Power9 CPUs and ready to use frameworks to provide the industry’s most complete data science platform. Enterprises can now deploy data-intensive workloads, like deep learning frameworks and accelerated databases, with confidence. Whether you’re just beginning to get your data house in order or starting to deploy your first deep learning applications and algorithms, these systems are designed with your journey in mind. An important consideration for these types of workloads is that the compute power needs to be close to where the data is. Advent One are experts at design solutions combining different capabilities to prepare your data for AI and work through training and inference phases to get your AI project into production.


Whether long term storage or high-performance access to information is your priority, we have industry leading storage solutions to suit your business needs. Be it keeping storage costs under control, staying compliant or ensuring that your data is available where you need it when you need it Advent One have specialist skills and we’re here to help.


Investing in storage solutions can benefit your business with cost savings, productivity improvement, simplifying migration to new workloads, improved responsiveness and disaster recovery. Contact us today to see how we can make technology work for you.

Contact us today to see how we can make technology work for you.

Software-Defined Storage

Software-Defined Storage moves advanced functionality out of your storage devices and into your servers, making for easier, more effective, and more comprehensive management. Best of all, this works across multi-vendor storage devices, for both on-premise and off-premise cloud deployments without continually adding costly new hardware.

Flash Storage

Transform your business with data driven decisions in real time with Flash storage. When coupled with compression, Flash storage costs compare favourably with disk storage and can dramatically accelerate application and database performance – essential for modern big data applications.


Traditional fibre channel SAN deployments provide reliable, scalable and high-performance foundations for mission-critical storage. New life has been breathed into SAN deployments with technologies such as NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) over FC enabling huge performance gains and reduction in latency. NVMe over FC is a more mature NVMe over fabric option. Advent One have been experts in complex SAN designs and our storage solutions have received global recognition from our partners for technical excellence.


Advent One NAS solutions simplify data management from a small CIFS/NFS requirement to massive scale-out unstructured data repositories holding millions of files. The NAS solutions Advent One design and deploy are efficient, have seamless scalability and enable advance movement of data between private and public clouds.


If you think of file-based storage the parking garage (I’m in level 3 row 2 space 5) think of object based storage being valet parking – the object storage solution deals with placement, just apply permissions and give me the data when I want it. Common use cases for Object storage are backup, archive, file sharing, media storage, static web assets to name a few. Object storage (such as S3) often form the foundation of data lakes. Advent One can work with you to design a storage solution which may be based on cloud object storage, or a combination with on-premises and cloud object storage where data can be moved/tiered to the most desirable location based on the use case.

IBM Spectrum

Optimise your current storage environment without putting pressure on your IT budget. Unlock the potential of your business by increasing the speed and efficiency of your storage while simplifying migration to new workloads.

Storage Virtualisation

Storage virtualisation is the key to unlocking the unused capacity and performance potential in your storage landscape. Maximise ROI, simplify mobility within your enterprise and to the cloud and facilitate robust disaster recovery. Advent One can share more than a decade of client experiences benefiting from this great technology where we have driven down the cost of storage, boosted performance and ensured that data is always available.

Hybrid Data Storage

Structured, Unstructured, Primary, Backup, DR, Archive and everything in between

Technology is great and solves a lot of problems if used correctly, but when it comes to data management, technology isn’t enough on its own. Experienced consultants are key to help you navigate through the future storms of data growth.


Whether you need to recover from a disaster, a system error, user error or to access archive data we have a range of solutions to meet your needs. With almost 20 years’ experience in the planning, architecture, implementation and support of data protection and disaster recovery solutions we support a variety of business requirements.


​We are experts in storage and can help optimise the placement of your data. After all, in today's world you can easily consume a mixture of On-Premises, Cloud, Object, Block, and NAS storage. All of these have their own pros and cons, and there are compelling reasons to make the most of all of them. For those looking to migrate to Cloud, or for those already in cloud, we can provide guidance on how to drive down costs and achieve desired performance.

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