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With expertise in supporting mission-critical workloads on-premises, the team at Advent One are well-equipped to support its customers in their cloud transition.

Leading IT teams continue their journey in digital innovation and transformations, building new applications and microservices to modernise legacy applications and leverage cloud-native technologies. These technologies enable reliable development, deployment, management and performance across environments and vendors.

Advent One develops hybrid cloud combinations that unify public and private cloud services from different vendors to create an agile and cost-optimal IT infrastructure. Its hybrid cloud architecture focuses on supporting the portability of workloads across cloud environments while automating the deployment of those workloads to the most effective environment for any given business purpose.

Advent One can offer its solutions and services through marketplaces such as AWS and Azure Marketplace in order to count toward customers’ committed cloud spend.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Improved developer productivity:
A unified hybrid cloud platform aids the expanded adoption of Agile and DevOps methodologies that enable IT teams to develop and deploy to all clouds.

Greater infrastructure efficiency:
With greater control over resources, development and operations, IT teams can optimise budgets across public and private cloud services and vendors.

Future-focused migration:
Hybrid cloud environments also benefit IT teams to minimise the technical debt of on-premises infrastructure by migrating those identified legacy applications faster.

Improved regulatory compliance and security:
Businesses in highly regulated industries must follow restrictions on data storage. With hybrid cloud solutions, companies can meet regulatory requirements and still benefit from the cloud’s flexibility. Organisations can keep data in a private environment while operating workloads in the cloud, or they can handle workloads in a private data centre and move data to and from the public cloud as needed.

Overall business acceleration:
Greater control and a unified approach lead to shorter product development cycles, accelerated innovation and time-to-market, quicker response to customer feedback, earlier delivery of applications closer to the customer, and more efficient integration with partners or third parties to deliver new products and services.

Core Benefits

Advent One develops hybrid cloud combinations that unify public and private cloud services from different vendors to create an agile and cost-optimal IT infrastructure.

Advent One’s hybrid cloud blueprints are built across public cloud coupled with cloud connected Tier III certified data centres, with a suite of hosted offerings that give customers the ability to:

  • Run the workloads that make sense to run in public cloud
  • Run the workloads that can’t run in public cloud on infrastructure – for example, IBM Power Systems (AIX and IBM i)
  • Have a secure architecture spanning public and private cloud that can be trusted
  • Have the peace of mind that your cloud environments are secure, highly available, cloud-connected with low latency, automated and cost-effective.
Assess Cloud Objective for Business Requirements →

The team at Advent One works closely with its customers to understand their objectives for cloud transition.

We consider their current circumstances and their target circumstances to define a solution that is fit for purpose for both technical architectures as well as a directional business case.

Ensure Business Readiness for Cloud Transition →

Advent One have a proven track record of rapidly designing and implementing stand-up tooling and pre-canned automations to accelerate the initial landing zone and environment build. Advent One works with its customers to ensure that an environment aligned to the cloud adoption framework is ready for migrating targeted workloads.

Practical Support for Cloud Migration →

The team at Advent One work with its customers to successfully migrate their workloads to the cloud in waves. This includes a wide range of services, from the initial development of workload migration to Disaster Recovery in the cloud or a complete cloud migration.

Post-Migration Cloud Optimisation →

Advent One works closely with customers post-migration to further optimise costs and automate and transition to cloud-native services. It maps connections between data and workloads and then makes correlations between how workloads interact with each resource and the optimal financial mechanism to reach cloud optimisation goals.

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