Advent One’s cloud services are built on both our migration process methodology and our team’s ability to execute. Key focus areas for us are:

  • Customer Choice

  • Consultation and Identification of what’s fit for purpose

  • Guidance and Enablement

  • Service Excellence and Continuous improvement

Our methodology is summarised below, where we have a client first approach for delivering real fit-for-purpose solutions based on best of breed technology.


Public Cloud 


Public Cloud Consumption is where Advent One’s ecosystem really comes into play. Having the tools and capability that drive smooth cloud deployments are one element, but the most significant benefit, is our vendor partnerships. No single provider can claim to provide end-to-end capability in all services provided by all of the hyperscale cloud providers. The value that a single provider can bring, is an SI mindset and ecosystem of partners to provide broad expert capability to deliver client value and quality solutions that hit the mark first time.


Our cloud migration services are broken down into four key offerings:



  • Discovery of your technology landscape

  • Understand Business & Technical Goals for the migration

  • Build the business case for the migration



  • Design and Architecture of the transient and target states

  • Build the connected landing zone

  • Prepare automated deployment blueprints

  • Create a detailed migration plan



  • Iteratively migrate applications in waves

  • Validation that benefits and objectives of the migration are achieved


Cloud Operations

  • Regular architectural reviews and enablement

  • Cost Optimisation and regularly review commercial models

  • Consume cloud native services and build new cloud-based capabilities as confidence grows

Private Cloud

Our private cloud services can be scaled according to your business requirements with the capability to add resources without server upgrades or downtime.

Backed by 15 years of experience and multiple awards in infrastructure solutions, our cloud platform, hosted in secure, Tier III certified data centres, enables a range of as-a-service offerings.

All of this is brought together by a local 24×7 helpdesk with deep technical skills, offering both onsite managed services and managed cloud services.


We understand that every business is different, however reliability and security is critical and must be delivered at a competitive price point. We can tailor any solution to meet individual needs to ensure simplicity and avoid paying for unused resources.

Some of the unique offerings available in our private cloud are:

  • IBM i-Series


  • Network Automation

  • Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud 


Hybrid cloud can take multiple forms. The typical meaning is to be having some workloads running on-premises in your environment and others in public cloud. You could a view to continue to operate in a hybrid model indefinitely or eventually move completely into public cloud. Advent One’s sweet-spot for many years has been building the very data centre solutions you are considering to move to cloud in some form. We believe no other partner is better equipped, having built the foundation, to now distribute your environment in a more modern way leveraging cloud. We can provide expert services for workloads that will continue to run on-premises as well as those running in public cloud.

There are an increasing number of clients whom wish to have a “zero datacentre” policy, which could be due to cost avoidance or simply not wanting to deal with managing datacentre services anymore. The challenge with this is that there are workloads that for a variety of reasons may not be able to be migrated to the cloud, either in the short-medium term, or potentially at all. Examples like this are large static workloads that may be cost prohibitive, or platforms that are not offered in public cloud (AIX and IBM i for example). You may have specialised workloads that require high-performance engineered infrastructure solutions to support them – we can provide this, the datacentre facilities to host it and the expertise to build and run it.


Backed by almost twenty years of experience and multiple awards in infrastructure solutions, our cloud platform, hosted in secure, Tier III certified data centres, Advent One have a suite of hosted offerings where you can:


  • Run the workloads that make sense to run in public cloud

  • Run the workloads that can’t run in public cloud on our infrastructure – for example IBM Power Systems (AIX and IBM i)

  • Have a secure architecture spanning public and private cloud that you can trust

  • Have the peace of mind that all of it is secure, highly available, cloud-connected with low-latency, automated and cost effective.


All of this is supported by our local 24/7 SLA backed managed service.

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