How Secure are you Remotely?

Our exclusive advanced security assessment can have you tested within minutes

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Millions started working remotely from home and out of the office since COVID19 restrictions were introduced. Companies invested time and resources to ensure their businesses kept on operating.

Advent One help companies answer the tough question

“How Secure Am I?, especially after the WFH shift."

Using the market-leading automated cyber readiness platform AttackIQ, Advent One can run quick and comprehensive assessments against your End Points and VPN connected computers by leveraging real-time simulations and the Mitre framework against known attacks.

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Low Effort, HIGH Value

For as little as (*) $1,900 AUD (ex GST) customers can benefit from a comprehensive End Point and VPN connected devices assessment (*).


Up to 3 connected devices, leveraging a SaaS managed AttackIQ platform and conducted within a single working day.

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*Please refer to T&C and SOW document

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