5 Ways to Prepare your Hybrid Cloud for Seamless Automation

Take your time back, focus on business objectives, and let your Hybrid Cloud take care of the mundane.

If you’re responsible for managing your business’s IT infrastructure, you likely spend far too long on mundane, repetitive tasks. But, as an IT leader, your time is better spent on innovation and growth. If doing what you do best is a priority, then so is automation.

But, stumbling into a Hybrid Cloud arrangement is a recipe for potential duplication of systems and effort, security breaches and non-compliance. It is imperative that you take an organised and intentional approach, otherwise you’ll risk losing control of your whole system.

Here are 5 ways to ensure you prepare your Hybrid Cloud environment for seamless automation:

1. Start with what you have

You know what your business does best. But your strengths might not be your main focus right now. If your team’s time is being spent elsewhere, automation can take over the mundane, repetitive tasks and leave you energised for innovation.

To make the most of Hybrid Cloud, use the processes you have on-premises to the best of their ability, then complement these with public cloud capabilities. Focusing on what your business already does well is the ideal first step to leveraging Hybrid Cloud effectively.

This will also help keep egress costs to a minimum (more on that later).

2. Consistency is key

To truly optimise your use of Hybrid Cloud, your IT infrastructure must be able to move seamlessly between on-premises and public-based systems. Portability of data is critical, and flexibility will save you time and money in the future.

The more consistent and compatible your infrastructure, the easier change will be later. And change is inevitable, as you know. For optimal compatibility, avoid cloud-native, containerised applications and look at your Hybrid Cloud holistically.

3. Prepare for change

As your workload evolves, the environment you need for processing and collaboration might struggle to keep up. Automation allows your Hybrid Cloud infrastructure to adapt to your needs with minimal interference (and without becoming unmanageable).

An agile Hybrid Cloud environment is key for longevity in your IT infrastructure and the successful growth of the business.

Some teams find that working closely with a Hybrid Cloud services provider helps to optimise Hybrid Cloud efforts by leveraging their deep technical understanding across the Infrastructure stack. This becomes imperative when transitioning to a Hybrid Cloud framework that is powered by infrastructure automation. .

4. Minimise data extraction

It sounds counter-intuitive for a cloud-based ecosystem, isn’t this all about data flexibility? True, but moving data from the public cloud to your on-premises or hosted private cloud can get expensive. Keeping data that will be retrieved most often on the private cloud helps minimise egress costs.

With Hybrid Cloud automation, you can leverage the benefits of both private and public cloud capabilities through automatic data extraction and data routing within each cloud environment. This reduces data egress costs as well as provides cybersecurity benefits.

5. Approach Hybrid Cloud strategically

To enable automation for your Hybrid Cloud, partner with a provider that will help you create a methodical Hybrid Cloud orchestration and automation strategy. While many businesses implement Hybrid Cloud, few have the visibility to govern, manage and maintain it effectively.


Advent One offers Hybrid Cloud optimisation that aggregates all areas of your IT infrastructure into a single entity through automation services. This automated entity provides heightened visibility, ease of display for stakeholders and secure connections for protected, portable data.

Leveraging Advent One’s automation capabilities enables businesses to keep up with consumer and employee demands. Then, IT teams can focus on tasks that are most crucial to business growth.

To learn more about how Advent One can help you harness Hybrid Cloud for seamless automation, book a meeting with an industry expert. Here’s to taking your time back. Here’s to doing what you do best.