Anti-Fraud & AML

Ensure regulatory compliance and stop fraudulent activity and data theft with protection against cyber-attacks, insider threats, web and mobile fraud, payment fraud, and money laundering.

Advent One is the local Australian NZ partner for Bottom Line Technologies.

With close to a decade of experience and serving our financial services clients we offer:



Helping our customers accelerate speed to achieve regulatory compliance requirements while decreasing complexities.


Secure Payments

Protect payments across a variety of applications, channels & payment types.


User Behaviour Analytics

Quickly identify and stop anomalous user activity through rich analytics.


Anti Money Laundering

Bottomline’s Compliance solution provides corporations and financial institutions with a powerful end-to-end offering to accelerate the speed to achieve regulatory compliance requirements while decreasing complexity. Whether the need is around modernising an anti-money laundering programme, achieving more reliable sanctions screening, or automating suspicious activity reporting to meet regulatory requirements, Bottomline’s Compliance solution offers a modular approach to reducing the cost of compliance and increasing productivity


  • Detect suspicious activity quicker through real-time alerting and a solution that tracks activity across accounts and customers​

  • Streamline your organisation’s alerting and reporting process to comply with AML / CFT regulations with a proven global solution that can meet country-specific requirements

  • Comprehensive protection through integrated management of more than 100 global sanctions lists ensuring the highest level of protection and accuracy

  • Achieve a centralised view of alters across systems and rapidly expose suspicious activity by visually analysing complex relationships on a variety of dimensions


Bottomline’s User Behavior Analytics solution quickly identifies and stops anomalous user activity through intelligent machine learning, rules-based detection, and years of experience protecting some of the largest corporations and financial institutions in the world.


The solution captures all user behaviour in real-time across all vital systems and provides protection for both external threats in which user credentials have been compromised and internal threats from authorised users.

Powered by an analytics engine, statistical profiling of users and peer groups, alert correlation that includes predictive risk scoring and the ability to visually replay all user activity, the solution is purpose-built for today’s threat landscape business





  • Detect suspicious activity quickly with an intelligent platform that is built on a foundation of real-time user behaviour analytics and machine learning infused with the domain expertise of world-class UBA experts and data scientists


  • Gain complete visibility via a record of activity of all users, including privileged IT users, with a visual replay of every screen, keystroke, and flow of screens in applications accessed


  • Reduce investigation time significantly and improve effectiveness in identifying, analyzing, and documenting suspicious behaviour





Financial Messaging

Bottomline provides a proven data transformation and comprehensive business flows integration solution. The cost-effective and highly scalable service ensures global interoperability and is able to deliver significant cost reductions by improving business process automation—enabling organizations to concentrate on core value propositions and revenue generation.


The Bottomline transformation and application integration solution effortlessly manage the co-existence of different standard message formats, sophisticated content, and event-driven workflows and business process automation. Regardless of format and protocol, Bottomline’s best-in-class service delivers interoperability between legacy, national, SWIFT, SEPA, and any XML messaging standards.


  • Delivers significant cost reductions through improving business process automation and straight through processing​

  • Ensures global standards compliance

  • Ensure best-cost routing with content and event-based workflows

  • Retains investment in existing back-end systems

  • Facilitates global interoperability and quick access to new markets with Bottomline GTFrame’s library of translation tools

  • Reduces processing and operating costs with rule-based bulking

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