• The Risks and Rewards of Cloud Migration (PDF)

    The Risks and Rewards of Cloud Migration

    The migration to cloud computing is one of the major technology trends of this decade.
    The lure of a fixed monthly cost for constantly up-to-date Infrastructure-as-a-Service is a compelling financial argument. Add to this the rapid go-to-market strategy enabled by on-demand cloud infrastructure and it looks like a no brainer.
    But as we all know, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. We always pay a price for progress.

  • Evolving protection against evolving security threats (PDF)

    Evolving protection against evolving security threats

    Where once ‘hackers’ were motivated by getting credibility in IRC chat-rooms, we now see ‘cyber criminals’ who are organised, well-resourced and strategic around their targets for financial, political, commercial, security or ideological reasons. Critical infrastructure within healthcare, education, financial institutions, commercial business, government departments and even not-for-profits are now in the cross-hairs. In fact, leading security vendors estimate that there are about half a million security attack attempts being launched every minute.

  • The Dynamic Demands of IoT in a Connected World (PDF)

    The Dynamic Demands of IoT in a Connected World
    In order to be an agile organisation in the modern business environment – and able to meet the changing demands of today’s marketplace – IT operations need to be highly adaptable, with constant analysis of connected data and on-demand reporting capabilities. As new business opportunities are identified and business unit demands increase, IT infrastructure needs to be operational almost immediately. This pressure for delivery of IT services means that both infrastructure platforms and application capability need to have almost unlimited scalability and flexibility.

  • Architectural Choice for SAP HANA (PDF)

    Architectural Choices for SAP HANA
    Companies that run SAP enterprise applications and that have decided to move to HANA have a critical infrastructure decision to make. About a dozen vendors are offering HANA on standard architecture, either as an appliance or via SAP’s Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) program. However, starting in 2015, HANA is also available on IBM POWER, for the first time giving SAP customers that are making the move to HANA a choice in terms of chip architecture.

  • Private Cloud for Dummies (PDF)

    Private Cloud for Dummies
    The reality is that most companies manage workloads across the data center, and public and private clouds — creating hybrid environments. This book helps put the private cloud model of computing into perspective for both business and technical leaders. In addition, the topics covered in this book are critical to the success of hybrid environments.

  • DevOps for Dummies (PDF)

    DevOps for Dummies Ebook
    DevOps applies agile and lean principles across the entire software supply chain. It enables a business to maximize the speed of its delivery of a product or service, from initial idea to production release to customer feedback to enhancements based on that feedback.

  • Hybrid Cloud for Dummies (PDF)

    Hybrid Cloud for Dummies Ebook
    This book gives you insights into what it means to use a hybrid approach to cloud computing and the flexibility and choice that it provides. You will discover the type of technologies and approaches that are imperative for your organization to create the business value and flexibility the constituents you serve demand. This book helps business and technical leaders understand the hybrid cloud in context with the needs of the business.