Data Mobility to and between Clouds

data mobility between clouds

Advent One explain how companies can embrace cloud technology faster without sacrificing availability, security and performance

The prominence of your business’ dependency on data cannot be stressed enough. Where data has been witnessing exponential growth, managing your data becomes more and more cumbersome by the second. Eventually, the extent of the success of your business hinges on how efficiently you can manage your data.

NetApp and The Future of Data Management

Enterprise IT businesses of the 21st century have incorporated hybrid cloud deployment models which are a combination of public and private clouds. These models offer a plethora of advantages to a business. But, as every coin has two sides, a multi-cloud environment raises grave concerns over the effective management of your data, and Data Fabric is NetApp’s vision to address this problem by defining the future of data management.

As we design, build and run Hybrid Cloud environments for our clients, Advent One have found that utilising the services in public cloud – such as analytics, machine learning and so on enable clients to realise the value of cloud rather than simply running your virtual machines in the public cloud. Advent One and NetApp provide cloud-connected hybrid cloud environment where data can be mobilised to and between clouds to take advantage of the data services the cloud provides offer.

NetApp Data Fabric: Access Your Data Whenever and Wherever You Want

In the era of cloud storage, where all your data is hoarded at multiple remote locations for enhanced security, it is imperative that you are able to access it whenever you want and where ever you want. NetApp’s Data Fabric is your salvation for this dilemma. In order to enhance your digital transformation, NetApp’s Data Fabric aids you in integrating your business’ data which is stored on multiple clouds and on-premises. In a simpler explanation, Data Fabric provides you with optimum data management regardless of where your data is stored.

It promises more insight into the data through its comprehensive hybrid cloud data services. With Data Fabric, you will be able to enjoy new standards of access, control, protection, and security for your data. It will further allow you to become a part of the new, data-centric world. The core requirement to thrive in a highly competitive environment is the absolute control over your data and NetApp’s Data Fabric gives you just that. Mentioned below are the five major principles addressed by Data Fabric.

  1. Control – Extensive control over your data whether it is on public cloud, private cloud or even on-premise.

  2. Choice – With Data Fabric, you will enjoy the freedom to choose and change cloud, application ecosystem, delivery methods, storage systems, and even deployment models.

  3. Integration – Perform meaningful operations by the easy and effective integration of your data from various storage locations.

  4. Access – Experience hassle-free access to data anywhere and at any time.

  5. Consistency – Enjoy various tools and processes at your disposal for continuous management of your data.

Of course, the benefits of the technology are more important than the technology itself and Advent One focus on ensuring any solution meets to needs of the different roles within each of our client’s businesses. So, in terms of the Data Fabric Orchestrator;

  • Enterprise CEO’s will be able to harness the power of agility to enhance the usability of their business resources.

  • CIO’s will be able to gain full control over the protection, security, and storage of their data. With Data Fabric, they will have the freedom and flexibility to stay updated with the latest technology trends by an easy adoption of these technologies.

  • Data Fabric will contribute heavily to the working of IT Architects and Managers. The use of Data Fabric will eradicate any existing restraints and they will enjoy greater flexibility in designing their multi-cloud infrastructure.

  • For the Application Owners, a deeper understanding and extensive requirement for DevOps is fulfilled by the use of Data Fabric.

  • Storage architects will be able to apply their existing skills and knowledge to the cloud architecture. The use of Data Fabric will lead to more productivity and innovation.

  • And finally Cloud service providers will be able to create a scalable, dependable cloud infrastructure at minimal costs.

In Summary

The solution tools outlined here, enable organisations to embrace Cloud technology faster without sacrificing availably, security and performance. The value of Data Fabric to your organisation includes a multi-cloud SaaS, secure and highly scalable IaaS, and a comprehensive content management platform. Fundamentally, data can be mobilised across a hybrid multi-cloud enabling organisations to tap into Cloud services such as analytics and machine learning to derive business value from and organisation’s data.

When organisations can embrace new technologies with confidence, it has immense influence over the prosperity of the business to succeed in the modern digitally driven world. Advent One specialises in Hybrid Cloud, Managed IT Services and Cybersecurity, and works with organisations to modernise their business for the digital world. Contact us here to find out more.