Cyber and Financial Crimes

Fraud costs you money | Cyber Data Breach costs money and clients confidence

Lacking a solid mitigation strategy can result in Regulatory fines, Reputational damage and a significant Business disruption.

Mitigation of Financial Crime Risks:

  • Anti Money Laundering
  • Insider Fraud
  • Secure Payments


Typical Fraud solutions can detect events after they have occurred – our approach and solution can highlight fraud before it’s committed. By detecting the actions leading up to an event, such as changes in work patterns, unusual data viewings and more, investigators can be proactively informed of suspicious behaviour and minimise loss.

Our Anti Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML-CTF) solution builds on deep experience in gathering and processing data for some of the world’s largest financial institutions. The solution is easy to deploy and use with minimal IT support required.

Quickly detect and prevent payment fraud with a market-proven solution tailor-made for commercial banks Our AML-CTF solution addresses your regulatory compliance needs, including KYC, Transaction Monitoring, OCDD, EDD, Transaction Monitoring, Sanctions Filtering and Regulatory Reporting.

The latest SWIFT CSP introduces mandatory security controls to protect your financial messaging operations. Our solution Quickly detect and prevent payment fraud with a market-proven solution tailor-made for commercial banks.

Advent One is the local Australian NZ and Pacific Islands for Bottomline Technologies (c)

Advanced IT  / OT  Assets Protection

We Protect Data Centre Workloads and Industrial Networks

<XXX> Data Centre Assets Protection:

We design and deploy an advanced platform for protection of On-Premise / Cloud (Public/Private/Hybrid) workloads supporting 4 key methods:

  • Complete Asset Visibility
  • Micro-Segmentation
  • Breach Detection
  • Dynamic Deception & Incident Response

Traditional security controls such as firewalls or IPS/IDS are not proven effective in protecting the new data centre. Perimeter defences can be breached – this is our working assumption. By deploying our advanced platform we reduce the attack surface minimise the risk for lateral movement of adversaries and “curious” guests. We intercept suspicious activity with a dynamic deception component and activate the automatic incident response.

<XXX> Industrial Networks Assets Protection:

ICS, SCADA and IIoT Security for Industrial Networks.

Our solution supports continuous, non-invasive asset discovery and risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities such as unauthorized remote connections, insecure devices, weak authentication, and weak segmentation.

Your OT and IT operations are gaining complete situational awareness of malware and targeted threats such as unauthorized PLC changes; PLC Stop commands; scanning malware indicating reconnaissance operations using ICS protocols; protocol violations indicating attempts to exploit known vulnerabilities.

The platform is using Agentless technology that’s deployed in less than an hour and has zero impact on the OT network. Uses machine learning to eliminate need for rules or signatures. Supports any ICS vendor, industrial protocol & SIEM.

Strategy & Security Controls Validation

How Secure Are You?

We offer services and a safe Breach & Attack Simulation platform to help you answer the question!

Companies are investing significant resources and funds in building security posture. Defences are layered one after the other based on risk profile and strategy. There is a problem today in the market where traditional validation methods are not efficient enough and either is too wide and out of context (such as vulnerabilities scan) or a point in time (penetration testing).

By engaging an advanced platform which simulates more than 3600 full and SAFE attacks clients can get instant and continuous validation of their security controls.

Security and IT teams are constantly being asked to present and articulate an ROI when it comes to commencing security projects or purchasing new cyber platforms – our Breach and Attack Simulation platform provides you with a dynamic security score which is influenced by factors such as Efficient implementation of new controls (risk is reduced) | Misconfiguration of IT platforms and security technologies (risk is increased) etc..

Are You Prepared for a Data Breach Crisis Event?

“Trust in an organisation is not necessarily extinguished immediately when a breach occurs, It’s how organisations manage the breach that really matters.” Andrew Solomon, acting deputy commissioner with the OAIC.

We help organisations face potential crisis and deal with them in “simulated ” real time – better preparing for the “real thing”. Our platform’s key capabilities are:

  • Simulates decision-making scenarios focusing on real-life interactions.
  • Presents real-time analytics and insights to enhance managers and organisations decision-making processes.
  • Compares real decision making processes to “anticipated” decision making.
  • Understands why players act as they do. Helps improve procedures and take measures to be better prepared.


Cyber Security – Services | Solutions | Advisory

Advent One offers cyber security advisory services across the full security life cycle: Risk Assessment | Strategy Establishment | Solution Implementation | Cyber Security Posture Validation.

No matter what stage your project/company is we can augment and accelerate your cyber security transformation to achieve compliance / resiliency / security and more importantly advanced protection of your secrets and processes.

Advent One hired experts in cyber security and intelligence who practice cyber security for many years while staying close to the latest threats and best practices.

Penetration Testing | Breach and Attack Simulation | Digitised Table Tope Simulations are only few of our innovative validation services.

We implement advanced and efficient strategies when building defences | we operate under the assumption that a breach will happen and therefore line up risk minimisation tactics. Micro Segmentation | Deception | Honey Pots and layered security is only some of our tools.


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