CPS 234 Compliance

Incident Management and Response

Supplier Security Review

Security Controls Testing

Maturing Security Posture -  Beyond Compliance!

APRA’s new mandatory regulation, CPS 234, came into effect on 1 July 2019. This regulation specifies new cyber security requirements for APRA regulated entities and brings to the forefront the importance of strong cyber security in the information age.

Advent One's Cyber & Risk Team has developed a "CPS234 Booster" package which is designed to rapidly deliver high value at a competitive price point.

Incident Management and Response - Simulation


APRA requires organisations to annually review and test their information security response plans to ensure they remain effective and fit-for-purpose.

Advent One is leveraging a digitised tabletop simulation platform BeST which allows our clients to have their cyber incident response plans digitally visualised and automatically analysed providing immediate insights on their effectiveness.

To eliminate the labour-intensive effort of manually preparing and conducting a tabletop drill, our clients are able to conduct anytime, anywhere, a low effort simulation to test and train their entire organisation. 


Supplier Security Review

APRA requires organisations to assess and evaluate the cybersecurity posture of their partners and suppliers.


Advent One is helping its clients with immediate access to a digitised, automated, dashboard providing them with a 360 ̊ view of the supplier through a combination of the hacker’s view and internal policy.

   The hacker’s view tests the supplier’s security posture just like a hacker would evaluate a company.
The internal policy ensures that the supplier complies with your security policies and practices. Our portal manages 3rd Party Risk by digitising the whole process to achieve maximum efficiency and reduce the cost involved in a manual evaluation of suppliers. 


Security Controls Testing - 24/7/365

APRA requires organisations to conduct structured, comprehensive and independent testing of their implemented security controls. Cybersecurity technologies are only effective if they're set up properly to mitigate a relevant threat. A small misconfiguration, changes in the external threat landscape or a change within the organisation's IT environment, all have the potential of invalidating the effectiveness of your security controls.

We’ve introduced a service based on a leading Breach & Attack Simulation platform AttackIQ which offers the ability to continuously validate your security controls and measure their effectiveness. The solution helps the Board and Management answer one fundamental question: "how secure am I?"

For the price of a one-off penetration testing our clients get 24/7/365 access to a dedicated instance of the platform for the entire year. This continuous validation of security controls constantly detects gaps minimises risk and enables organisations to measure the value of their security investments

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