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Review our high value low effort services helping customers start their cyber security journey

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If you are already through the journey and identified a gap or a need we can help. 

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If you are looking for a managed security services partner, consider Advent One.

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The traditional perimeter security approach coupled with the local market skills shortage, and "inflation" in cybersecurity vendors, created a "perfect storm" for our clients.

Advent One is helping out clients mitigate the risk of cyber attacks on businesses by maturing their cybersecurity posture with a strategy, actionable plan, and our manage security programs. With our skilled team and by leveraging cyber tasks automation we rationalise our client's cyber risk. We learn and understand our client's risk profile, use cases and the business problems - and then we solve it.​


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Online Workshop


Half a day, interactive, detailed and valuable strategy workshop based on CIS Controls Self Assessment Platform. 

The outcome is a cybersecurity maturity model based on CIS Controls Version 7.1 and a high-level recommendations report.

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High value, low effort, hands-on technical  engagement to help you answer the question:

"How Secure Am I?"

  • Public / Hybrid Cloud Security Posture

  • Active Directory

  • Internal / Extneral Penetration Testing

  • "Red Team" Engagement

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Half a day, highly engaging, informative and valuable digitised tabletop simulation of a cyber incident.

Ransomware, Data Breach, Cyber Extortion can all be simulated for your executives / operations / board teams

How Secure Are You?

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Micro-segmentation reduces your attack surface and prevents the spread of breaches inside your data centre and cloud environments

“perimeter only” approach to security is not working. It has become increasingly clear that micro-segmentation is foundational to data centre and cloud security.


Organisations seeking to secure the interior of their environments often need to be more dynamic and more granular than network segmentation will allow. Micro-segmentation makes this possible.


Guardicore Centra Security Platform:

Discover Application Dependencies to Reduce Attack Surface, Secure Critical Applications and Ensure Compliance (CPS234, PCI, SWIFT, AEMO).


Built-in Breach Detection - Detect More Threats, Faster and Respond With Greater Intelligence.


High-interaction Deception

Actively engage attackers and identify their methods in real-time.


Incident Response - Attack isolation and remediation recommendations speed incident response.



IOT / IT /OT Visibility & Security

Discovering all devices in your environment, analyses their behaviour to identify risks or attacks, and protects your critical business information automatically.

From laptops, smartphones, smart TVs, video cameras, and printers, to HVAC systems, industrial and medical devices, digital assistants (Amazon Echo), barcode scanners, rogue access points, VoIP phones, and more – you are protected. 

24/7 Breach Detection

Built from numerous separate yet integrated analytics engines to immediately detect both zero-day and known threats in real-time.

The analytics engines leverage ICS-aware behavioural analytics with self-learning and heuristics to eliminate the need for configuring any rules or signatures.

IOT/OT Vulnerability Assessment

Through means of safe scanning, the platform generates a report including detailed and actionable mitigation recommendations at both the network and device layers, prioritized by risk — so you know what needs to be done now, and what can wait. Not only does this give you an immediate snapshot of your organization’s risk profile, it offers an objective measure of continuous improvement and ROI

Visibility and Asset Discovery

You can’t protect what you don’t know about. With the proliferation of intelligent devices and networks, it’s simply not possible to effectively manage your IOT, OT environment, let alone protect it, without this visibility.

The platform builds a network topology diagram, using the Purdue Model, showing how all devices are connected to each other as well as any connections to IT networks. Devices can be highlighted on the map (or filtered) based on tags including protocols used, polling intervals, standard ports, and subnets.

Security Automation & Orchestration

Breach & Attack


AttackIQ - Simulate Attacks. Validate Controls


Get Offensive with Your Security


Advent One leverage the power of the platform to deliver continuous safe and effective breach simulations across your production environment.

Constantly test your cyber defenses using hundreds of simulations, the most current and comprehensive real-world attacks available. 

Security Orchestration and automation enables standardized, automated, and coordinated response across your security product stack. Playbooks powered by thousands of security actions make scalable, accelerated incident response a realitye storm of data growth.


Advent One leverage the power of Demisto platform offering full incident management suite facilitates end-to-end incident oversight.


Automatically ingest security incidents from a variety of detection sources, study reconstructed timelines to discover root causes, capture all evidence and documentation, and visualize metrics through custom dashboards.

Advanced interactive investigation feature-set allows for real-time and collaborative investigation for complex incidents that can’t be solved through standardized means alone.


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