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Maturing Security Posture -  Faster Business Outcome!

Our managed security group leverages our investment in threat intelligence, advanced analytics, and security expertise to provide consistent, repeatable, and transparent services that identify and stop advanced threats while providing insight and metrics into security posture and trends. 

Our portfolio of managed security services allows us to deliver to our clients a business outcome faster and more efficiently than the alternative of DIY.

Advent One has 20 years of experience in systems and technology, our experience in this field enabled us to quickly develop managed security services based on advanced and automated cybersecurity platforms.

All are managed security services are aligned to clear and measurable client's business outcome. 

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Managed SOC

Managed SOAR. 


Managed Breach & Attack Simulation

Cybersecurity technologies are only effective if they're set up properly to mitigate a relevant threat. A small miss-configuration, changes in the external threat landscape or a change within the organisation's IT environment, all have the potential of invalidating the effectiveness of your security controls.

We’ve introduced a service based on a leading Breach & Attack Simulation platform AttackIQ which offers the ability to continuously validate your security controls and measure their effectiveness. The solution helps the Board and Management answer one fundamental question: "how secure am I?"

For the price of a one-off penetration testing our clients get 24/7/365 access to a dedicated instance of the platform for the entire year. This continuous validation of security controls constantly detects gaps minimises risk and enables organisations to measure the value of their security investments


Brand Protection - Threat Intelligence


Protecting your brand is an ever-increasing challenge in today’s connected world. Phishing campaigns, intentional or unintentional IP leaks, and fraudulent sites aimed at stealing credentials are rampant, posing a challenge to organizations that cannot be ignored. Mitigating these threats is a two-step process: first, organizations need to find these threats to their brand, like fraudulent domains or fake mobile applications, then they need to act quickly to take these malicious entities down. Managing these risks is a constant effort, but it is required as part of a proactive defense strategy built on threat intelligence.

Our team will provide the protection to your brand by monitoring for and taking down: Stolen credentials | Compromised assets | Malware hosts | Impersonated domains | Unauthorized mobile apps

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Advent One is commonly known amongst our customers as the partner who prides itself on making customer problems our own. We are recognised for solving intricate dilemmas, not only making technology work but building foundations that customers can grow upon in an effective and secure way.

Advent One’s deep experience with critical enterprise workloads makes us uniquely positioned to provide advisory services to optimise existing environments and partner with you to build a strategy for modernisation and transformation of your IT for the digital world.

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