Seamless Transition to the Cloud

Accelerate and simplify the journey to the cloud with customised business solutions.

Advent One’s experience in supporting mission-critical workloads, security and automation is translated into an innovative approach to incorporating and migrating to a cloud environment that takes into consideration a wide range of business-critical data security and performance requirements.

Leading IT teams continue their journey in digital innovation and transformations, building new applications and microservices to modernise legacy applications and leverage cloud-native technologies. These technologies enable reliable development, deployment, management and performance across environments and vendors.

Advent One provide expert guidance and advice working with the right cloud hyperscalers to suit your enterprise requirements. It’s experience in public cloud deployments ensure you gain the cost control and agility you need to accelerate business objectives and improve customer and employee experiences.

Advent One’s cloud services are built on its migration process approach and its team’s ability to execute. Key focus areas for Advent One are customer choice, identification of what’s fit for purpose, guidance and enablement, service excellence and continuous improvement.

With any cloud migration and execution project, Advent One begins by highlighting any risks and problems encountered during a cloud migration to ensure a smooth transition with no surprises. It’s strategic cloud approach ensures businesses architect for the cloud appropriately.

Cloud Solutions

  • Cloud Well Architected Framework Assessments
  • Cloud Landing Zone Design & Build
  • Migration Velocity
  • Cloud Cost Management & Optimisation
  • Vulnerability & Misconfiguration Detection and Remediation
  • Infrastructure as Code & DevOps Automation
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Government & Compliance
  • Cloud Operations

Advent One has expertise across the three principal pillars of systems in most organisations, backed by solid expertise and successful customer outcomes to support:

Systems of Record – These systems enable the core capabilities necessary for a business to run. These capabilities are typically standard across an industry and, as such, are not unique. These systems do not change regularly as they commonly use vendor-specific products, and an organisation’s core capabilities often don’t change.

Systems of Differentiation – While core capabilities may not vary from one business to another in the same industry, business processes do. These applications represent the processes that make an organisation unique and are rarely accommodated out of the box by vendor platforms. These business processes may not change regularly, but they tend to change faster than the core capabilities.

Systems of Innovation – This layer is the fastest moving, where innovations and technologies are tested and deployed. Innovation typically includes ad hoc proof-of-concept applications that are rapidly developed and then manually deployed and tested.

When assessing what is fit for purpose, Advent One finds that most organisations benefit from a combination of migrating workloads that are fit for cloud to hyperscaler cloud. For environments that are not yet fit for the cloud, either an on-premises or private IaaS footprint provides flexibility, security and portability.

Advent One helps organisations spread their risk across multiple clouds and hosting platforms using leading public and private cloud providers. This is a crucial enabler for customers to leverage multiple hyperscaler clouds and on-premises to build out a true hybrid cloud deployment.

Core Benefits

Advent One is backed by almost twenty years of experience and multiple awards in infrastructure solutions.

Advent One partners with our clients deliver cloud excellence, security, cost management and reduction as well as improved efficiency. We have the cloud architecture and engineering skills to accelerate your cloud project.

  • Security and Automation built in from the start
  • Optimise costs
  • Simplify connecting existing datacenters and different clouds in a resilient architecture
  • Access a team of experts committed to make your cloud transformation successful
A Competent Partner to get it Right →

Advent One have a proven track record of rapidly designing and implementing stand-up tooling and pre-canned automation to accelerate the initial landing zone and environment build, with security baked in from the start. Advent One works with its customers to ensure that an environment aligned to the cloud adoption framework is ready for migrating targeted workloads.

Practical Support for Cloud Migration →

The team at Advent One work with customers to successfully migrate their workloads to the cloud in waves. This includes a wide range of services, from the initial development of workload migration to Disaster Recovery in the cloud or a complete cloud migration. Streamline discovery, provisioning, migration, security compliance and cost optimisation

Post-Migration Cloud Optimisation →

Advent One works closely with customers post-migration to further optimise costs and automate and transition to cloud-native services. By mapping connections between data and workloads, Advent One makes correlations between how workloads interact with each resource and the optimal financial mechanism to reach cloud optimisation goals.

Cost Management →

Continuous Monitoring of cloud usage data to identify idle, unused, and mismatched resources, resource sizing, reserved instance management, rebalancing Cloud optimisation capabilities including cost monitoring, brokerage, bill monitoring, role-based cost controls, as well as the ability to generate custom alerting and reports.

Resiliency →

Advent One work with you eliminate single points of failure across people, process, and technology to deliver resilience to each workload running in the cloud while ensuring performance and costs are optimised.

We're Proud To Work With These Innovators

Partner with Advent One

Gold NetApp Partner

NetApp is the leader in data insight, access, and control for hybrid cloud environments, providing global organisations with the ability to manage and share their data across on-premises, public and private clouds.Advent One leverages NetApp Cloud Manager to provide IT with a centralised control plane to manage, monitor, and automate data services and workflows across hybrid-cloud environments. NetApp Cloud Manager includes a simple GUI to control services that orchestrate data backups, replication, recovery, compliance checks, governance, cloud cost optimisation, workspaces, and more.Supporting this, Advent One utilises powerful open-source tools like Ansible, allowing enterprises to easily and quickly design and deploy effective automation solutions throughout their hybrid cloud data fabric.

IBM Platinum Business Partner

IBM is the recognised global technology and innovation leader in its chosen fields. Advent One has been a Platinum IBM Business partner since its inception over 20 years ago and has developed a deep skill set to drive next-wave productivity and customer experiences. IBM Cloud offers the most open and secure public cloud for business, a next-generation hybrid multi-cloud platform, advanced data and AI capabilities, and deep enterprise expertise across 20 industries.

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