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Reduce and Optimise your Costs in the Cloud.

With multi-cloud deployments being more frequently adopted by organisations, cost optimisation is fast becoming a critical consideration.

Cloud cost optimisation enables your business to control your cloud services spend through monitoring, reporting and automatically optimising cloud resources. Together, using the Kumolus Cloud Management Platform, we monitor your cloud infrastructure usage, track spending as it relates to resource usage and use automated workflows to reduce costs without manual intervention.

We concentrate on maximising savings within your cloud environment without compromising performance and offer consistency in your cloud management.

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Advent One Cloud Cost Optimisation consists of two complementary Cost Optimisation capabilities:

1. Analysis and Recommendations

It provides visibility, usage and cost metrics for all your Cloud services. It discovers all your Cloud resources, analyses service performance, cost metrics and breaks down spend by Service Owner, Cost Centre, tag, service type, or Filter you may require and shows you how to reduce cost using ‘Rightsizing’, service deletion, Idle asset tuning, Reserved Instances, legacy Asset transition and budget alerting.

2. Automation and Workflows

It provides the ability to click through any cost optimisation recommendation and create a workflow to continual remediate based on a schedule you set. Test workflows using ‘Dry Run’ and automate stakeholder engagement with ‘Opt-Out’ capability allowing optimisation at scale without time consuming and unnecessary on-going manual intervention.

Our team will use the powerful Kumolus public cloud management platform to deliver a cost assessment of your current cloud environment:

  • Assessment of your AWSCloud environment
  • Advent One will require least privileged read access. An Advent One specialist will work with you to implement this.
  • The analysis will run for 24 hours
  • A summary reports detailing the findings will be provided at no charge. Download an example of a report below.
Example Summary Report


Advent One and Kumolus have had many success stories, saving up to 30% of our customers Cloud costs. Download our bundle today, including:

Case Study – Telecommunications Organisation
Amazon Web Services – Datasheet
Case Study – Financial Services Organisation

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Typical Engagement Opportunities for an AWS Cloud Environment

  • AWS Cost Optimisation Services
    • Identify, Analyse and report on Unused / Disconnected Services
    • Identify, Analyse and report on Idle / Stopped Services
    • Identify, Analyse and report on Service Rightsizing opportunities
    • Identify, Analyse and report on Reserved Instance
    • Identify, Analyse and report on Power Schedules for Non-Prod services
  • Kumolus Cloud Management Product 
  • Deliver presentation on Cloud Financial Fitness
  • Deliver report on Cloud Financial Fitness

Conducting a Cloud Cost Optimisation has many benefits to a business. Typically, our assessments see the following results:

  • 30% cost reduction in cloud services – continual optimisation including deletion of unused services, idle assets, Reserved Instance management and Rightsizing of instances
  • Automated Well Architected and CIS security reporting – continually checking against security, logging, monitoring, performance, and availability best practices
  • Real-time application visualisation – providing full-stack architecture views and dynamic “one-click” PDF documentation
  • Policy based cost remediation workflows – reducing repetitive and error prone tasks
  • Full cost reporting and custom reporting capability allowing detailed view of Cloud spend
  • Cloud backup management and governance lowering business continuity risk and compliance

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