Active Directory - Become A Ninja Defender

Get in shape now - 3 x 30 minutes over 3 weeks.

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"Espionage was the chief role of the ninja. With the aid of disguises, the ninja gathered information on enemy terrain and building specifications, as well as obtaining passwords."

As soon as adversaries get a foothold via phishing as an example, they will start probing and attacking your Active Directory (AD) since they know it holds “the keys to the kingdom”.

Once the adversaries get access to AD it is “game over”, since it will enable them to use the credentials they harvest from AD to attack almost everything in your organisation. 


Learn how to defend your organisation against these threats to the AD environment in 3 x 30-minute lessons over 3 weeks.

In each lesson, Advent One and Alsid instructors will teach you how to expose gaps in your Active Directory environment.

Archaeological Dig

Legacy Credentials

How do you find the oldest password in your environment?

22nd September, 14:00pm AEST

Folding Sign

Risky Configurations

How do you keep up with the latest information and methods to protect AD?

29th September, 14:00pm AEST

home keys

Privileged Accounts

Do you know the privileges of every user in the organisation?

6th October, 14:00pm AEST

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