Advent One: 20 Years in Business

It has been twenty years since we opened our doors. Our chairman and founder, Robert Bassat (Bob), started Advent One in 2000 after a successful career at IBM. He started with only a few employees and a mission to foster an environment of innovation by empowering the brightest of minds and partnering with world leading technology companies to deliver successful outcomes to clients.

Twenty years later, that plan and vision has not changed; it has only become more robust as we grow and become stronger.

Today, we are one of Australia’s preeminent managed service providers with a well-developed reputation for building secure platforms using the world’s leading-edge technologies.

Proof of this success is in the partnerships we maintain. We are an IBM Platinum Business Partner and this partnership has been a commitment of Advent One’s since the beginning and this remains true of us, today. Since our inception, we have been recognised for a number of IBM Beacon awards, which we are proud to say are all within the technical excellence space.

Further, our partnerships with RedHat (of which we are an Advanced Partner), NetApp, Palo Alto, AttackIQ, Lenovo, Armis and so many more, have been integral to our mission to deliver successful outcomes to our clients. We are proud and thankful for these partnerships and look forward to continuing to work together to carry our mission into the future. Our commitment to taking cutting-edge technology and bringing it to life is a part of our DNA. It is what we are respected for by our partners and appreciated for by our clients.

Over the last two decades, inevitably, the process of our delivery has changed. With advancements in technology come reinventions to our company. Our dedication to evolving and adapting quickly to new environments and technological changes is why we stand today with a presence in 3 states, over 55 employees and more than 10 industry-leading partners. We’re not all things to all people, we never will be. But what we do, we’re highly regarded for, and we maintain a number of centers of excellence.

(Our Executive Team from left-to-right: Graeme Clark, Jon Ossip, Talor Halloway, Robert Bassat, John Twine, Avi Lipa)

Our executive team recognise that our history will not guarantee our future. As we navigate a consumer market, our success depends on panning to our customer’s needs. It is dependent on our dedication to evolve and meet the needs of our clients through technology. innovation, imagination and insight, which we are unequivocally committed to.

To take Advent One into the future and beyond, Jon Ossip was appointed as Chief Executive Officer in 2019. Jon is committed to continuing Bob’s legacy of believing in people, empowering them and carrying out the values that our company was originally inspired by. He will continue to foster an environment of innovation to enable and empower us to reinvent ourselves. He is dedicated to investing in our partnerships to carry on our mission of providing successful outcomes to clients. But by virtue of being successful and continuing to do those things, we look different today than what we did in the beginning. And it is safe to say that what we look like in the future will be very different to what we look like today.

Our CEO, Jon Ossip, had a few words to say about this significant milestone and what this means for our future.

“Twenty years on and a lot has changed. But so too has a lot stayed the same. Certainly, technologies have changed. Changes have become increasingly quicker and there is no sign of that abating any time soon. Technological developments necessitate reinvention in our company and as a result thereof, what we look like today is very different to what we looked like when we started. And I dare say we’ll look very different in the future to what we look like today. However, despite the changes some things are still the same. Our values, the foundation on which our company is built, is the same and that’s our point of difference. The last twenty years have seen us build a reputation for having very smart, talented people, for integrity, for innovation, and for making our clients challenges our own and thereby delivering successful outcomes time and again. The next twenty years will be very different to the last and we’re excited to continue the journey because at Advent One the best is yet to come!”

The last twenty years have been challenging, exciting and rewarding. As we reflect on our successes, we are thankful to our clients, partners and Advent One staff for your commitment, loyalty and dedication. Our triumph is your triumph. And, we look forward to the next era with your support.